The Visual Interactive Storytelling Workshop and Internship Program under the concept of “VR Inventors”

Under the “VR Inventors” Project, participants will learn how to develop contents or conduct programming for VR. It is one of DEPA’s project with the aim to create 80 skilled human resources into the VR Industry. The participants will be able to learn, and develop the VR works with VR experts and professionals from 5 major industries as the following:

  1. Entertainment,
  2. Education,
  3. Healthcare and Medical,
  4. Tourism and Culture, and
  5. Military and Life/Asset/Social Securities.

Highlighted Activities

  • Participants will team up and develop a VR experience for one of 5 listed industries above.
  • 10 selected participants will go to China to do internship and visit companies for 30 days.
  • 5 Outstanding VR work will be selected and received the opportunities to showcase in the heart of the city as well as being promoted by DEPA.

Project Activities

13 Sep 2017 : Press Conference
13 Sep 2017 to 10 Oct 2017 : Admission period
17 Oct 2017 : Announcement of 80 participants in VR Inventors program.
4 Nov 2017 : Orientation
5 Nov 2017 : 1st day of training: Introduction to Virtual Reality and VR content development
11 Nov 2017 : 2nd day of training: Content creation techniques
12 Nov 2017 : 3rd day of training: Animation and Audio
18 Nov 2017 : 4th day of training: Designing content for VR
19 Nov 2017 : 1st Project day
25 Nov 2017 : 5th day of training: Creating smooth VR experience
2 Dec 2017 : 2nd Project day
3 Dec 2017 : Selection round: 10 teams
Feb 2018 to Mar 2018 : International visitation and internship
April 2018 : Selection round: 5 final teams
May 2018 : Project Showcase for 5 final works

Training Location and Schedule

Location: Hemisphere Meeting Room, 12th floor,
Sakulthai Surawong Tower (the opposite of Tawanna Hotel)
Surawong Rd., Suriyawong, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500

News & Activities

Special workshop from Unity.

On November 25th, 2017, it is our great pleasure to welcome Unity team from Singapore to help run a special workshop for us. Thanks Unity for always supporting Thai developers’ community. […]

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